Two-part Astrology Video Tutorial by Pam Gregory

323 ratings
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Two-part Astrology Video Tutorial by Pam Gregory

Pam Gregory
323 ratings

2 part tutorial video 

Explaining how to find where New Moons, Full Moons, and any aspect fall in your Birth Chart.

Pam Gregory is a Master Astrologer, with over 40 years professional experience analysing and reading thousands of personal birth charts for clients.

The video was created to help people interested in astrology read birth  charts more accurately, after many requests for help from her followers. 

Using different charts, Pam illustrates in an easy to follow way, how to identify different aspects and how these influence an individual chart and what that means for you in your life.

Part 1, Duration 13:47

Part 2, Duration 16:34

Copyright Pam Gregory 2015

“I just wanted to share a bit a feedback for the two part video series you produced. First, they were extraordinarily helpful to really clarifying so many of the mysteries or things that never made sense to me about astrology. I couldn't seem to find the right source that would just give the information as clearly and concisely as you've done. I have been enjoying your videos on You Tube for quite some time and this takes them to a whole new level of awareness and clarity. You've done an absolutely beautiful creative job. I so admire your grace and communication through not only your words but the manner in which you created the charts you shared. Thank you for touching my life and sharing your wonderful gifts with me. As I've gone through these recent months feeling such emotional intensity your gentleness and grace have been a source of light while seemingly wading in the muck of darkness. Thank you again and please know what an impact you're making in the world!” A.B. 

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